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The School started out back in the formative Ultralight days as the 'Thruster Factory Flying School'. Today there's no Thruster's about, but there's more advanced recreational training aircraft available to help people people realise their dream of flight.

David Rolfe has been CFI (Chief Flying Instructor) for over 10 years and transformed the school into one of Australia's premier (and friendliest) flight training schools, principally teaching in the well known Jabiru aircraft, and also has Lightwing and Quicksilver Aircraft available.

There is an impressive list of students who also fly or have flown for the major airlines (including Qantas), regional airlines, the military and all sectors of the General Aviation community.

We cater for the student's needs, and adjust our training accordingly.

David Rolfe - Chief Flying Instructor

John Taru - Senior Instructor

Lee Turner - Instructor

Lee Turner

Errol - who looks after much of the Mowing and Maintenance at our Airport

"Connie" - Our School Mascot

Typical Day - Most Aircraft Flying and a few on the Ground - waiting !


Daves Flying School, the premier Sydney Flying School, at The Oaks Airport, Sydney, Australia.



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