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Flying training & aircraft hire at The Oaks Airfield, West of Sydney

Jabiru Landing

The RAAus advantage

Student certificate

After your trial introductory flight (TIF), you can apply for your membership with RAAus. You will learn to safely fly circuits around the airfield solo.

Pilot certificate

Once you have passed all the theory, practical training and the flight test, you will be able to fly 25 nautical miles from the airport in any direction.

Navigation endorsement

The navigation endorsement is one of the most important. After achieving this challenge, you are able to fly cross country, all around Australia.

Pathway to RPL

RAAus is the most cost effective pathway to gaining an RPL. And the best part? Your navigation endorsement is directly transferrable!

What makes us special

Great aircraft

Learn to fly or hire one of the most popular, safe and iconic Australian recreational aircraft, the Jabiru.

Perfect location

Located close to Warragamba dam, we offer a safe, easy to access and picturesque training area.

Experienced instructors

With untold years of instructing experience, you will be flying solo before you know it!

Experience the thrill of flight

Learning to fly remains one of the greatest experiences you can have in a lifetime. There's a tremendous sense of achievement that comes with mastering the joy of flight. Many would-be pilots often feel a yearning to fly from a very young age. That yearning may never leave them.

Once you get to experience flight for the first time it can forever change your perspective of the world! Becoming a pilot is both rewarding and challenging. You will develop new skills, and enhance critical thinking, self-discipline and hand-to-eye co-ordination.

We are a dedicated Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) certified flight school with untold years of flying, training, and maintenance experience. We know our aircraft inside and out, and have deep knoweledge and experience in Australian recreational aviation. We have even trained instructors at other flight schools around NSW.

We love what we do and consider it a privilege to guide our students. We especially enjoy watching our students rise to the challenge to earn their wings to become fully fledged aviators.

Whether you want to learn to fly to become a career pilot, for business, or just for fun as a hobby, Dave's Flying School is a great place to start. It is an awesome place to learn to fly, is incredibly affordable, and you will get a free coffee to boot!

Ready to fly?